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Diabetes Management

Upon physician or other health care provider referral to the Primary Care Network, nursing staff provide clients with individual assessment and counselling, follow-up and referrals necessary for patients diagnosed as:

  • glucose intolerant

  • pre-diabetic

  • with Type 2 Diabetes

  • gestational Diabetes

For patients requiring Insulin starts, the PCN Nurse will meet with each patient individually, providing information, education and instruction about taking insulin.   Patients are then followed-up regularly by the PCN nurse, who coordinates care and any prescribed treatment modifications with the patient's physician.    Referral is also made to the Alberta Health Services Dietitian in the patient’s community.

For patients diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, the PCN nurse meets with each patient individually, coordinates appropriate referral to specialist services as necessary, follows-up with the patient and coordinates their care with their physician.   Referral is also made to the Alberta Health Services Dietitian in the patient’s community.

Some limited services also provided for Type I Diabetics under direction of the patient's physician.